road girl - vol 1
all songs written by jean mann, except where noted
© blue flower friday records 2016

1 lucky

i used to row the lake on summer nights
tie up to pilings, lay my head on a sweater rolled just right
look at stars and drift in the path of the moonlight
i was lucky, to land in this place and time

there's a crumbling house torn apart
uncovering the past revealing the marks
some are battle scars won, others a happy lark
they were lucky, to land in this place and time

i came along to hear your story
i guess you came round to hear mine
one day we'll write our own chapter
and we're lucky, to land in this place and time

tonight I took you out on the lake
tied up to pilings and carved our names
left a mark to remember the days
we were lucky, to land in this place and time

and we're lucky, so lucky
to drift in the path of moonlight tonight

2 dress-up

a ball gown fashioned from the night sky
as though you're a little girl
dress is dragging on the ground

tonight the sky remembered
when summer left a prickling fan of grass

you alone in a flowered sundress
you lay down and felt the blades
tickle your toes between soil and sky

you dreamt of a tiny red box, a shiny life
but you woke up in your own bed, quiet as any night

so you go out and go girl
you sparkle to your own jewel
you're swinging on paper stars

thinkin' if you act the part, play your hand
your little heart gonna find a home to land

you go to the parties dressed up like you mean it
crushed taffeta falling on the ground
just a girl playing dress-up with freckles and a crown

when all you want is repose in tall grass 
kiss on the wind, a bloom gonna last

a ball gown fashioned from the night sky
as though you're a little girl
dress still dragging on the ground

3 between you and me

between you and me
its plain to see
it's never too late to try
between the words
and sweet nothings purred
love is meant to fly

and all you need
all you heed
fills your very soul

you might be leery
but come to hold dearie
joy and love that abounds
and oh so lucky
your heartstrings are plucky
so much love to be found

don't undo your heart
got a brand new start

night has fallen
sleep is callin'
your giddy's shining through
go to bed you sleepy head
the morning waits for you

dream your dreams and rest your feet
tomorrow comes anon
in your sleep a song, a feast
to carry your heart along

4 blue

all you are
and all you do
don’t fault you
for being you

and all the things
you say to you
it’s all you hear
it’s all you do

even when it makes no sense
the way it did
in your youth spent

and all the blue
felt through and through
while it’s true
it won’t take you out
or down too soon

in the swell
of the moon
passion rises
and rise again for you

take a trip
home to you
go and find the sweetest
of blue....

the sweetest of blue

5 pelicanos (instrumental, plus shore and birds)

6 pile of leaves

after your lunch go play with your friends
climb down the hill patty cakes in the sand
tag, you're it, cats cradle with string
make english daisy necklaces
and all the birds sing

put cards in the spokes 
of your worn out ol bike
the blue one so dusty and still
just sits waiting to fly down the hill

and the day winds down
mama scrubs your face
tucks you right in
and smiles as you tell her
your day - you had lots of fun
and you fall off to sleep
and you're dreaming you're in
a pile of leaves, look up to see yourself
dancing across the sky

you wake up it's today
you're standing round that water cooler
but this time you've got lots talk about it
as if you understood
as if you were that child again
sky sparkles in your eyes
and there's flowers in your hair
and you're happy again
on that old blue bike
you're smiling
and you're flying til you don't stop

after your lunch
go play with your friends

7 concert intro 

8 my funny valentine - richard rogers and lorenz hart

my funny valentine
sweet comic valentine
you make me smile with my heart

your looks are laughable
yet you're my favorite work of art

is your figure less than greek
is your mouth a little weak
when you open it to speak
are you smart 

but don't change a hair for me
not if you care for me
stay little valentine, stay
each day is valentine's day

9 between the bars - elliott smith

drink up baby, stay up all night
with the things you could do
you won't but you might
the potential you'll be
that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make

drink up with me now
forget all about
the pressure of days
do what I say
and I'll make you okay
drive them away
the images stuck in your head

people you've been before
that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
i'll keep them still

drink up baby, look at the stars
i'll kiss you again between the bars
where I'm seeing you there
with your hands in the air
waiting to finally be caught

drink up one more time
and I'll make you mine
keep you apart,
deep in my heart
separate from the rest,
where I like you the best
and keep the things you forgot

people you've been before
that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
i'll keep them still

10 elk warning radio - radio

11 kitchen waltz

midnight steps in the room
flicker of candle glow
the thing i do with you
kitchen waltz for two

and ooh...a kitchen waltz for two

lined up on the shelf
spice jars filled with goodness
twirling round in the pot
brings a little joy to our love nest

and ooh...table set for two

we're taking our time
stir up passion in the room
fix up a feast by the light of the moon
come on over honey, the pie is almost cool
my favorite place of all
is right here with you

and ooh ...favorite feast for two

me and you

a kitchen waltz for two
we're dancing round the room
sometimes there's not even any music playing
so we make up our own tune
ooh me and you
ooh dance for two
me and you
dance for two

12 listen

kick your shoes off
run down the hill
push the door wide
do what you will

and all you can do is hold on
all you can do is hold on
to you

listen to it all
hear what you say
words on edge
sticking 'round another day

and all you can do is listen
all you can do is listen
to you

glass spilling over
pouring out the past
room fills up
a story's cast

don't fall away
don't fall away
from you

lift up your voice
the guard of heart
crumble the wall
another start

all you can do is try
all we can do is try
keep on playing
playing for you

13 moon river -henry mancini and johnny mercer

moon river wider than a mile
i'm crossing you in style some day
you dreammaker, you heartbreaker
wherever you're going 
i'm going your way

two drifters off to see the world
there's such a lot of world to see
we're after the same rainbows end
waiting round the bend
my huckleberry friend
moon river and me